The Compassionate Creative Podcast

The Compassionate Creative is the podcast that shares the stories of creative leaders who work to pave a path forward in their industries and do so with compassion, authenticity and integrity. I ask guests about their struggles and challenges, what tools and skills they use to enhance creativity, and how they stay inspired to continue to work from a place of compassion.

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Love this podcast! Always the daily dose of positivity and inspiration I need!


I’m a podcast junkie, I start a lot of sentences with: I was listening to a podcast and…This is a podcast that gets me thinking outside the box, takes me in a direction away from news, comedy, crime series…introspective and insightful. Charlene is a gracious host, charming and grounded. A nice change from the norm!

Coach Roman Mironov

I don’t listen shows that are too long and unfocused. I think Charlene trikes the right balance. She gets her guests to share their stories and tips so efficiently.